fast growing business

When selecting a HRIS, it is very easy to get swept up in the needs of the moment. If you fail to consider what your company will need in a year or five, though, you may inadvertently short change your ROI and make it necessary to replace your system in just a few short years. To avoid these types of issues, look at your organizational growth rate and select a system that can cater to your needs even if your company continues to grow at the same rate or begins to grow faster.

Manage Increasing Recruitment Needs

As demand for your company’s goods and services increase, you will need to hire more employees faster. A HRIS that connects to popular job boards and social media sites in order to spread the word about job needs can make it easier for you to target a specific audience and attract top talent. When onboarding and training are also streamlined by the system, it can help you get employees into position faster, reducing costs and saving staff time.

Handle More Employee Information

It may seem obvious, but as the company grows and the workforce expands, you will need a solution that can handle increasing amounts of employee information, making it easy to store and sort through information and off-board with a few clicks when necessary. It is worth considering how the vendor charges, as well, because per employee/per month setups may dramatically increase the price of the system if your workforce doubles or triples within a few years.

Foster Collaboration and Manage Culture

As any company grows exponentially, it becomes harder to maintain the culture and truly instill the core values across the company. A HRIS with employee portals that include social options and company information libraries can encourage a more collaborative culture and allow employees to research company values on their own time. When employees are encouraged to take control over their own development with mobile access to LMS, it can work to create an empowered culture.

Performance Management and Reviews

No matter how small or big the company is, the productivity and attitude of very employee affects the company’s profitability and reputation. A HRIS with a strong performance management system can be extremely valuable as the company grows and there is more at stake every day. 360 degree reviews and mobile notation capabilities allow managers to keep better track of how each and every employee performs every day and any issues that may crop up, allowing more thorough performance management.

Comprehensive Analytics Improve Decision Making

Historical snapshots of company performance may be helpful when trying to predict how busy the company will be at certain times, what seasons tend to see the greatest numbers of absences or the highest turnover, and many other very specific issues that will affect the company. As the company grows, the predictions may not translate exactly, but it can be helpful to have some type of guide. A HRIS with predictive analytics that can cross reference all company data – including financials that may not be directly linked to the system – can be priceless to a fast growing company.