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eCommerce businesses come in all shapes and sizes and can have varying levels of complexity. Since eCommerce businesses generally operate on a global level organically, even if they’re technically located in only one country, payroll software that has been obtained for an eCommerce business should have some degree of global functionality. When choosing payroll software for an eCommerce business, it may be helpful to make sure the software performs the following functions.

Keeps Track of Remote Employees

Different eCommerce businesses function differently, with some operating mainly out of one building or several locations, and other spreading tasks among remote employees. If your eCommerce business operates across the nation or around the world, it’s generally a good idea to at least have some employees stationed in different locales.

Payroll software can help you keep track of employees working in different offices, in different countries, and out of their homes. If your employees work at different times, software with different time and attendance tracking integrations can be helpful. Having this type of software in place may also protect you from labor law violations by providing a record of when employees worked and how they were paid.

Supports Multiple Currencies

If your company is operating in multiple countries and employing people in those countries, you may need to pay some employees using different currencies. Having software that can assist with currency conversion calculations can save time and stress, while helping to ensure accuracy. Payroll software can also provide HR professionals with a wealth of knowledge regarding currency valuation.

Assists with Taxes and Compliance

Keeping track of taxes, filing reports, and paying financial obligations on time can prevent penalties and help to keep a business running smoothly, no matter how or where the business operates. Employees will also benefit from having taxes handled appropriately according to local and federal laws.

Most payroll software will automatically track taxes and make it easy to file reports with just a few clicks, but it’s important to make sure the selected software supports the countries in which the eCommerce business operates in. Free trials and demos can help you determine whether you like the way the software handles these functions before you commit.

Integrates with Other Software

Since eCommerce transactions are all handled digitally, payroll software that can integrate with accounting software and even sales apps becomes especially valuable. Being able to view and control all financial aspects of the business from a single point can make eCommerce manageable, allowing managers and owners to focus on growing the business, interacting with customers, and filling orders.

Supplies Analytics Tools for Operations Improvement

eCommerce businesses are a relatively new way to operate and are constantly evolving as buyer habits and technologies change, so historical data isn’t as helpful for eCommerce businesses as it is for brick and mortar stores and other types of organizations. Having access to real time reporting about operations as they occur can help to fill in the informational gaps and allow a business to quickly alter operations.

There are many types of payroll software available, but not all of the options are right for eCommerce businesses. For expert advice, contact a vendor matching service that can help you choose the best payroll software for your eCommerce business.

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