paid time off

Tracking and managing employees’ paid time off (PTO) can be tricky no matter the size of the company. It can be time-consuming for your HR staff to keep track of everyone’s accumulated PTO, sick days taken, time-off requests, and compliance with company policy. Using a HRIS to handle these tasks can take most of the burden off of your HR team.

Increased Accuracy

Without a HRIS, PTO has to be managed manually in a spreadsheet. This leaves a lot of room for error. PTO accumulation could be calculated inaccurately or HR personnel could enter days off taken incorrectly. Using a HRIS to manage your PRO automates the calculation process so you can trust that accrued time off is accurate.

With more accurate tracking, you can ensure employees aren’t taking days off that they haven’t earned. Absences cost the company financially. Preventing unearned days off can save the company money.

In addition, employees are more satisfied when they know that the system is accurate and fair. Employee satisfaction carries forward to better customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Reduced HR Burden

A HRIS can ease the burden on your HR team by automating tasks in all aspects of their work. PTO management is no exception. The HRIS can automate the onboarding process, so even with new employees, the calculation of PTO accrual is automatic.

HRIS solutions are also self-service. Employees can check their available PTO and request time off within the software. This relieves the HR staff of the task of having to answer questions and process PTO requests. While PTO would still need to be approved, most of the process can be handled by a HRIS.

Payroll Connection

A HRIS can also manage your company’s payroll. If there are any days on which the pay rate is different, such as on public holidays, your HRIS can automatically keep track of them. Changes in pay rates can be automated without involving HR staff. If employees exceed their allotted PTO and sick days and take unpaid time off, a HRIS can adjust pay accordingly.

Managing Leave

Paid time off isn’t the only kind of leave employees can take. Public holidays, training periods, bereavement leave, sick days, and more may all be classified and even paid differently. Using a HRIS to manage all of the different classifications of leave is more efficient and accurate than manually managing leave in a spreadsheet.

If an employee needs to take parental leave or extended leave for any reason, such as illness, a HRIS can help track the leave taken. This will help your company remain compliant with all laws regarding employee leave.

Are you looking for a HRIS solution to manage your company’s PTO for employees? Check out our list of vendors that we work with or visit our vendor match page to let us recommend a HRIS for you.