HRIS feedback

When your HR software finally goes live, it’s a good feeling. The evaluation, selection, and implementation processes can be tough, and go-live is a dependable end date for all of that work. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that go live is the final date for improving and tweaking your HRIS, however.

When your employees start using the new HRIS for self service and your HR managers start using it for a million and one daily tasks, they are bound to encounter some issues. Set up a support system to help them get used to the system and make use of the important feedback that comes from their experiences.

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Request Feedback Directly

If you don’t ask employees what they think of the new system, they may never tell you. Make it easy for employees to provide feedback, whether in person or through messaging channels. Assign deadlines for feedback so that employees view this as just another small job task that’s not optional.

Be Patient with Complaints

Change is not easy, especially when it affects the way that you complete your tasks at work on a daily basis. Employees may give you an earful about how much longer their job or certain tasks take at first. Be patient and compassionate when listening to their complaints, point them in the right direction when it comes to support, but put the brakes on when it comes to making changes to the system.

Keep Track of Feedback

As you gather feedback regarding your new HR software, keep track of it in a chart or other easy to view format. This will allow you to quickly spot recurring complaints and to earmark issues that must be fixed quickly. As you address concerns, you can also write notes or check things off to stay organized.

Figure Out what Can Be Changed Internally

Many of the factors identified by employees will likely relate to internal processes, rather than software or mechanical issues. You may find that it’s easier to address some complications by adjusting the way that you do things internally or by altering processes that you have control over, rather than by changing anything about the way the software operates. HR software feedback can bring to light inefficiencies that you may not have spotted otherwise.

Create a “Wish List”

As you work through the feedback, create a “wish list” of things that you believe could work better, but that you can’t change on your own. Some of the things on the list may be simple glitches and things that can be easily fixed by the vendor, but other items may point to future HR software accommodations beyond your current solution. By keeping track of these items, you make it easier to optimize the way that HR is handled within your organization in future years.

Contact the Vendor As Needed

After you have compiled your HRIS feedback and figured out what you can’t change, call the vendor to see what they can do. They may be able to send a representative out to assist with technical changes or to offer further training. In some cases, it may also make sense for you to purchase additional modules or functionality that compliments your existing solution.

We can assist you with finding a HRIS solution that fits your needs well, cutting down on the amount of work that you need to do after implementation. Visit our vendor match page so that we can help you with selection.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema