HR Analyst

HRIS analysts function as a link between the HRIS and the employees in an organization. They are trained to enter in data supplied by employees, fix issues, and generally manage the HRIS.

Many companies understand that HRIS implementation can help the company run more efficiently. Yet, companies often don’t realize that hiring an HRIS analyst to tend to all the technicalities of keeping an HRIS in place can be very helpful in maximizing the potential of the HRIS.


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Bridges Skills Gaps

Companies that are not directly rooted in technology are choosing to get on board with HRIS in greater numbers every day. While the venture can be highly beneficial for companies within many industries, the process of HRIS implementation and the daily use of the system can be very daunting for managers whose expertise lies in other areas. HR professionals are not familiar with the technology either.

An HRIS analyst can help bridge the skills gap by using the HRIS to supply managers with valuable information and assist managers and employees with daily operations and decision making.

Some industries that may benefit from having an HRIS analyst in place include:

  • Grocery store chains
  • Medical facilities and hospitals
  • Restaurants and QSRs
  • Sports marketing agencies
  • Theme parks
  • Senior care services
  • Retail store chains
  • Aerospace parts manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers

Source of HRIS Expertise

An HRIS analyst can effortlessly scan through reports and information to find out the real HRIS story. Managers and HR professionals are not as familiar and comfortable with HRIS, so it’s easy to miss patterns that could increase productivity and profits. HRIS analysts also possess the expertise necessary to identify and correct mistakes found within the HRIS, before the business can be negatively impacted.

Improving HRIS System Training

When organizations implement a new HRIS, the training required for all the employees, managers, and HR professional to learn the new system can be time consuming and frustrating, especially when the system is unfamiliar to the trainers. An HRIS analyst can be very helpful at this juncture, as they can provide insight for the best use of the system and also field questions.

While vendor representatives can offer some assistance with HRIS training, employees may feel more comfortable receiving this instruction from an HRIS expert. These experts remain “in-house” and are available for later consultation.

Ensure Wider HRIS Use

Hiring an HRIS analyst can help companies ensure that the time spent planning and budgeting for the new system will actually be put to good use. It is difficult to change processes in any company and without the proper support, employees, managers, and even HR professionals may resort to using their prior system.

An HRIS analyst can provide support and encouragement in this season of change, which will help ease fears regarding the new system and actively engage employees and managers in using HRIS features and functions on a daily basis.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema