performance review

Performance reviews are often viewed by both managers and employees as a dreadful yearly occurrence. Surveys have revealed that employees are on guard when performance reviews are delivered. This defensive demeanor makes them less likely to respond in a positive manner to the feedback that is given. Annual performance reviews are also often inaccurate because employees know when they will be drawn up. As a result, they are more likely to be on good behavior for the weeks leading up to reviews.

Employee management software can help your company sidestep the negative characteristics of performance reviews while retaining the positive points. Instead of writing and administering grueling, comprehensive performance reviews on an annual or biannual basis, employee management software makes it easy to give a little feedback on a more frequent basis. This makes the given feedback less intimidating and more constructive.

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Control Your Feedback Configuration

In spite of the dramatic variances between organizations within different industries and of various sizes, a standard format for performance reviews has been used for years. Employee management software allows companies to gain greater control over the format that is used for providing performance feedback. It also enables companies to utilize a format that flows with the rest of the company culture. Configurable dashboards and messaging systems can be made more effective and engaging.

Engage Employees

The whole initiative of performance feedback is to engage employees and drive their performance. However, performance reviews often miss the mark and inspire fear instead. Employee management software makes it easier to engage employees in goal setting and developmental activities, which can also help employees feel like they are part of the process. This structure can help to save managers’ and HR professionals’ time while inspiring higher productivity.

Increase Transparency in Expectations

One of the main faults in the annual performance review system is the fact that employees often don’t feel like the expectations were made clear ahead of time. Not being privy to the review guidelines can make employees harbor resentment, specifically when they feel negative judgments towards towards their performance. Employee management software can help managers to clearly outline expectations so that it is easy to understand and much less intimidating than an annual review.

Build Relationships between Managers and Employees

Employee management software makes it easy for employees and managers to communicate on a regular basis, without time constraints and pressure. This low-stress communication option can help employees and managers work toward achieving common organizational goals together. Some of the anxiety is relieved from the communication when messaging options are always available and employees feel like they can ask anything at any time.

Review Progress at a Glance

Upper management and employers can benefit greatly from the employee performance software’s measurement capabilities. Instead of compiling lengthy reports to check and see how the organization is doing, the information is available at a glance because it is constantly being collected and used to gauge employee performance.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema