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When your company begins the research phase of shopping for a HRIS, your HRIS team will likely be sifting through a lot of information regarding the different vendors and suitable solutions for the demands of your company. Side by side comparison charts are the easiest to look at and the fastest tool for eliminating solutions from your short list. It’s important to remind project team members to also look at the screenshots of the solutions, however.

Visual appeal is no small matter when it comes to selecting a HRIS solution. Seemingly small differences in colors and design can make a huge difference when it comes to employee adoption rates and overall system use. First impressions don’t usually lie when it comes to intuitiveness. If a little more visual appeal can make your employees’ experience better and increase ROI on your new system, it is definitely worth adding to the HRIS selection checklist.

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Rate Visual Appeal

After the HRIS vendor selection has been narrowed down to a short list, it may be helpful for project team members to rate solutions based on visual appeal. Different people have different tastes, so reaching a consensus can be more effective than regarding the opinions of only one or two people.

Features should be considered a higher priority than visual appeal, as they can help you automate time consuming systems. However, visual appeal can help you to select the best solution from top contenders.

Evaluate Mobile Dashboard

Mobile accessibility is only going to become increasingly important and in higher demand as time passes. Thus, it can save time and trouble to ensure that the mobile dashboard is as attractive and user-friendly as the desktop option currently is.

Some vendors offer mobile accessibility with their system, but the dashboard is choppy. Make sure that this is not the case before committing to a system, as a HRIS with a well-designed mobile interface can make it easy for employees and managers to use the system frequently.

Opt for a Basic Design

If a HRIS dashboard is visually too “busy,” it may make usage perplexing or even slow down the system. A system can be visually appealing based on colors, fonts and designs, without flashy images that impair usage.

If the dashboard can be customized to suit your company needs, avoid putting too much content on main pages when setting them up. Instead, tuck this information into easily accessible folders.

Demand a Trial

A dashboard may seem easy to use and smooth on a demo. However, the real test comes when you get an opportunity to try out the merchandise. Sometimes seemingly simple solutions can turn out to be slow and tough to navigate.

If you test run the system before purchasing or signing a contract, you can avoid headaches and get a true feel for how the system works. By checking things out first, you will know what your employees’ experience will look like.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema