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10 01, 2019
  • business people sitting together at a meeting

What Makes a Great Leader?

admin |2020-05-18T15:03:59-04:00 Jan 10th, 2019| Employee Relations, Leadership|

One of the essential elements of a successful company is leadership. Managers drive productivity, coordinate efforts towards goal achievement, set the pace and tone for each and every shift. While employees may be employed by a company, they are truly [...]

16 01, 2018
  • Smart Goals

6 Tips for Setting Goals with Employees

admin |2020-05-18T15:04:00-04:00 Jan 16th, 2018| Employee Relations, Leadership|

Taking the time to set goals for employees can help you to increase productivity within your workforce, while also improving employee contentment. Good employees want to do well for the company, but may not know exactly what is expected or [...]

29 09, 2015
  • HR leadership

Importance of Leadership in Business

admin |2020-05-18T15:04:52-04:00 Sep 29th, 2015| Employee Relations, Leadership|

It has been said that without leadership, all other business elements lie dormant. Strong leaders can help an organization to maximize productivity and achieve business goals, whereas weak leadership can hurt productivity and put the health of the business in [...]

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