HR software Testimonial

When you begin looking into different types of HRIS in order to select the system that will best suit your organizational needs, you will likely come across many testimonials. Testimonials can be very helpful, as they can remind you of questions that you have not yet asked and help to forewarn you of issues that you never would have thought about.

When reviewing testimonials, however, it is important to remember that less desirable testimonials may have been removed and that the HR software vendor may have intentionally shifted the most favorable testimonials to the top of the page. The following questions should be considered when reviewing testimonials during the HRIS selection process in order to help you get the most from the available testimonials.

Is the Company Giving the Review Similar to Your Company?

If a testimonial is given by a company that is much larger or smaller than your company or in an entirely different industry, the testimonial may not give you much insight into how well the software would work in your company. Testimonials from similarly sized and driven companies, on the other hand, may give you valuable insights into HRIS performance, maintenance needs, and provided support. Testimonials may also help you to deduce how different companies handle certain business processes.

Who Provided the Testimonial?

An HR professional is probably going to give an entirely different testimonial regarding an HRIS than an employee that uses self-service or an upper level manager that is focused on how the HRIS saves costs. When reviewing the testimonial for a product, it is important to view testimonials from different people within organizations to get a feel for usability and effectiveness of different features. This will give a better rounded view of the product.

Can You Trust the Reference?

A testimonial written by a company that you are personally familiar with or a recommendation given by someone that is an acquaintance is infinitely more trustworthy than a testimonial that you find online that has been written by someone you don’t know. It is impossible to understand the reviewer’s motivations and it is difficult to compare pain points and needs. Testimonials written by companies that you are unfamiliar with should be considered, but only be used as a source of insight, rather than a final decision maker.

Was the Reviewer Compensated for the Testimonial?

Many HRIS vendors provide incentives such as training credits or extra vendor materials for companies that review the software after implementation, or they may even provide monetary compensation in order to boost the number of reviews on the site. Companies that are receiving compensation or rewards of some kind may feel compelled to leave a favorable review, leaving out any issues that may have been encountered. It may be helpful to find out if reviewers are rewarded before allowing testimonials to influence your HRIS selection decisions.

In conclusion, testimonials may be a valuable step on the HRIS selection path. However, testimonials should be taken at face value and should not be the final word used to decide upon a specific type of HR software. Further research is always needed to determine how accurate testimonials really are.