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BirdDogHR software offers integrated talent management that can help medium to large companies in the U.S. better mobilize and motivate their workforces.

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BirdDogHR Software Overview

BirdDogHR software offers integrated talent management that can help medium to large companies in the U.S. better mobilize and motivate their workforces. The end-to-end software allows employers in a wide variety of industries to take charge over their employee lifecycles, keeping information organized and fostering better employee experiences.

The most important part of any business is the people. BirdDogHR helps companies build the best team and then create positive experiences for their people, which includes making training available and setting goals together. Of course, BirdDogHR also helps with the nuts and bolts of the operation, assisting with compliance, payroll, time and attendance tracking, and other core HR functions.

Why People Are Choosing BirdDogHR

  • Trusted name in the human resources software industry for over 20 years
  • Recently acquired InfinityHR and broadened the range of offerings and expertise available with solutions
  • Earned the distinction as a 2018 Top Workplace
  • P. of Marketing named a 2018 Top Woman Leader in SaaS
  • Superior succession planning and performance management options
  • HR outsourcing available through software
  • Can integrate HRIS payroll, and ERP for more strategic decision making
  • Maintains compliance and keeps management up to date with current legislation

How BirdDogHR Can Help Your Company

BirdDogHR is a cloud-based system that is mobile friendly and easy to use. You have the option to acquire the full suite of features or select modules as you deem necessary to compliment your existing systems. It’s HR assistance on your terms, with as much guidance and support as you want.

Elevate Your Recruitment

With record low unemployment rates making headlines, every employer needs to think about how to entice top talent to join their team. BirdDogHR offers a standalone applicant tracking system (ATS) or a recruitment module as part of their HCM suite to bring recruitment to the next level. BirdDogHR can help to attract a larger pool of qualified candidates with strategic sourcing tactics. Once applications have been submitted, BirdDog HR helps to keep candidates engaged while thoroughly vetting them. Candidates will receive status updates as they move through the hiring process, while the system will automatically take steps to maintain compliance with labor laws regarding hiring.

Collaborate on Succession Planning and Goal Setting

Performance management is often thought of as a top-down task, but BirdDogHR helps to transform the process. Team members set their own goals for career development and tasks, with the assistance and approval of management. The solution helps to track progress and provides messaging to promote communication and increase feedback frequency. When employees have tasks or projects due, they are informed through email on their homepage. Progress can be updated easily and is automatically saved so that employee performance is continuously tracked.

Drive Employee Development

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be used to train new employees, keep existing employees up to date with industry practices, and can help to move employees from one level to another within your organization. BirdDogHR offers a complete LMS that can be used to capture company and employee knowledge, sharing the information in smart ways and allowing configuration of training modules and testing for optimum results.

Maintain Compliance

Complying with laws surrounding hiring, benefits, training, information documentation, and pay can be difficult. BirdDogHR helps to simplify compliance by supplying the most current information about existing laws and assisting with reporting. Alerts, notifications, and automatic tracking of certain information helps managers to stay on top of compliance without spending hours.

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