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Avanti software's fully integrated solution helps Canadian businesses manage human resources, payroll, and time and attendance from one convenient database.

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Avanti Software Overview

Avanti software is a fully integrated solution that helps Canadian businesses manage human resources, payroll, and time and attendance from one convenient database. Avanti offers companies the option to have an on-premise solution or a managed hosted solution in the Cloud. Avanti understands that every organization is unique, so solutions are tailored to fit the needs and business processes of each company, whether there are hundreds or thousands of employees.

Why People Are Choosing Avanti

  • HRIS software made by Canadians for Canadian businesses
  • All-in-one HR software and payroll solution ideal for mid to large-sized businesses
  • Robust reporting solutions, including a report designer and out-of-the-box reports
  • Superior customer service and implementation strategy
  • Companies always own data and it stays in Canada
  • Instant access to new features with no expensive upgrade costs
  • flexible time and attendance system that integrates with payroll and HR
  • Easy to use workflow management systems
  • Solutions engineered for the highly complex Canadian regulatory system
  • HRIS leader in Canada, servicing over 500 of Canada's best businesses

How Can Avanti Help Your Company?

Avanti can provide your company with software that can help to automate, streamline, and improve your processes while making information accessible at the click of a button. Whether your company is mid-sized or large, Avanti’s knowledgeable team can provide you with support and tools to help your business to thrive and grow. Avanti acts as a trusted business partner, really listening to your needs and goals, helping you improve your people management from recruitment to retirement.

Comprehensive Self-Service Empowers Employees and Managers

Avanti’s self-service provides employees and managers with a centralized communication hub that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device that has internet access. Employees can find answers to questions about company policies, look up historical payroll statements, change personal information, and review T4s without ever having to contact HR or payroll. Mangers can create employee appraisals, view employee information, and review reports in order to make smart business decisions, all from the device of their choice while on the go.

Efficient Time and Attendance Tracking Saves Time

Avanti software can accommodate the most complex rules scenario to make sure that each employee’s time is calculated correctly every time. Whether your organization needs sick and vacation days tracked, simply needs time worked to be collected, or has complex scheduling needs requiring time collection devices, Avanti software can make the process easy. Avanti software also automatically calculates overtime, shift premiums, and statutory holidays so that there is no need to waste time tracking time and attendance.

Reduce the Potential for Errors and Compliance Issues

Avanti has been creating software solutions for businesses operating in the Canadian market for over 35 years, so solutions have been tested again and again under the most unique circumstances. This experience allows Avanti to offer software that is superior in helping companies to minimize errors and meet compliance requirements while improving many day-to-day operations and functions. Duplicate data entry is eliminated, complicated interfaces between separate systems are avoided, and data becomes more transparent when your company opts to implement Avanti’s easy to use solution.

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