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When selecting a new HR software solution, one part of the selection process that often becomes rushed is the vendor research phase. Rushing through this step can be a critical error, as there is a lot that can be learned by researching the vendor and not just the specific solution. The relationship with the vendor can also make the implementation process and overall HRIS usage flow smoothly, or rough.

Reading Peer Reviews

It is very common for companies to review a vendor solution on the vendor site or on their own company website. Reading these peer reviews can help provide valuable insights into the way that the vendor operates. While companies that are still in partnership with a HR software vendor are unlikely to give poor feedback on a publicized review, it may be helpful for you to dedicate extra time into figuring out what the reviews are not saying.

Make sure to read several reviews so that you don’t base a big part of your HR software decision on a review that may be biased.

It may be helpful to jot down a few key points to search for when reading the peer reviews, such as: customer service rating, whether there is a dedicated account team, feedback on problem response time, and updates in response to user feedback. Having an idea of what you are looking for ahead of time can help you avoid getting swept up in pleasant words meant to distract.

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Researching Vendor Stability

The stability of the vendor is also a critical concern. Vendors that go out of business can leave you scrambling to quickly find a replacement solution.

It’s best to note the length of time a vendor has been in business and the number of clients relying on the company, as these factors can indicate the stability of the vendor. Other less measurable factors should also be considered, however, like the adaptability of the company to new technologies and platforms.

Researching Company Practices

Facts that provide insight into company practices and employee relations can also be helpful in judging how well a vendor will be able to serve you. If employee turnover is high and it seems that the company has a disgruntled workforce, you may not receive the same quality of service as you would from a workforce that is content with the company and believes in the solution.

Companies whose policies seem progressive and conscientious will often be of better service over the long term, as well.

Using Software Matching Consultants

Vendor matching consultants can be an asset when researching HRIS vendors, as they usually can provide the best pound-for-pound comparison at a glance. This may save time and help you quickly narrow down the vendor list to what will suit your company’s needs and culture.

Vendor matching consultants may also be able to access typically unavailable research avenues and thus provide you with unique insights, based on what they know of the vendor and your company. If you want help from HR software professionals, contact us. Visit our vendor match page or call 866-574-4968.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema