Here at HR Payroll Systems, we like to write blogposts that you like to read. We hope we’re shaping the future of human resources management and providing some insights into new topics and age-old HR dilemmas, but even if we’re simply providing a little comic relief we’re okay with it. By popular demand, the following are the HR Payroll Systems blogposts that readers have enjoyed the most so far in 2017.

5. How To Deal With Difficult People at Work

Sooner or later in every job, you’re bound to deal with a difficult person. The exact method that you use to diffuse the situation may vary depending upon the person’s position and the specific issue being addressed, but a few tips apply to nearly every conflict with a difficult person – these are what this article focuses on. Above all, it helps to have compassion and empathy while staying calm and solution focused.

4. Honesty Is the Best Policy: Tell Candidates Why They Didn’t Get the Job

Applicants are people, too, so they should be treated with the highest degree of respect and professionalism by human resources. This includes letting a candidate know that they are not going to be hired and providing honest insights into why. This post can help you to deal with the awkwardness of breaking bad news and start a companionable relationship with people that may turn out to be valuable resources in the future.

3. What Is the Role of An HR Analyst Within an Organization?

This article is pretty straightforward, going over the roles and responsibilities of an HR analyst within an organization. The piece also provides some tips for hiring and training an HR analyst that may be useful if your company is growing and just starting to need an HR analyst. An HR analyst can round out your HR team and handle some of the functions that impact your company the most profoundly, so this is a great blog to read if you are unfamiliar with the position.

2. 5 Steps for Effectively Disciplining Employees

Keeping a consistent system in place for disciplining employees can create a specific set of expectations while also protecting your company against harmful lawsuits. This article goes over one of the most common five step approaches to effectively disciplining employees. By following these tips or developing a system of your own based on this paradigm, you may also see your company productivity and employee satisfaction improve.

1. Is HR Certification (PHR/SPHR) Worth It?

HR certification can provide certain advantages for HR professionals, but requires a large commitment of both time and money. This popular article sheds light on some of the questions that HR professionals frequently ask themselves when debating on whether to go for certification or not. While many of the points in this post are still highly relevant, several certifications have been added since it was written, so we’ll be doing a follow up piece to address those.

We hope you enjoy these blogs and keep tuning in for new insights every month! Thanks for reading!