recruitment software

Many HRIS solutions now feature recruitment software. If your organization has recently upgraded to a HRIS with these options or has purchased a separate system that will be integrated with your HRIS, the integration process can go much smoother by following a few simple steps.

Simply installing the software and letting it run may not lead to a desirable ROI. Most likely, you won’t attract top talent in the way that you envisioned either.

Build on Current Recruitment Strategy

There is no need to reinvent the entire wheel; building on the recruitment style and strategy already in place will help make the transition easier. Try to match the electronic applications to the applications that you have been currently using.

Doing it this way will ensure that you receive all needed information when applicants apply through the new system. Interview questionnaires and processes should not need to be retooled, unless they are not achieving the desired outcomes.

Evaluate What Works and What Doesn’t Work

If you are considering a new recruitment solution, chances are there are some things that are not working with the system. Take the time to evaluate what is working and what is not working with the current system. Then, you can truly see improvement when you make changes and even track it, if you so desire.

The implementation process will be much less stressful for everyone involved, if you have a clear plan in mind about what will be changed with the new system and what will stay the same.

Test Recruitment Software before Going Live

Recruitment software must be easy to use in order to attract the top talent. Ease of use will also save time for your managers and HR professionals. If there are glitches or errors, these can gum up the works and cause highly qualified applicants to take their job searches elsewhere.

Before going live, test the software extensively so that you know exactly what applicants and recruiters can see and how the information is sorted and saved.

Train HR Professionals and Managers on Use

If your HR professionals and hiring managers don’t know how to use the new recruitment system, it cannot possibly make processes more efficient. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. These parties may struggle to use the software, which wastes valuable time.

Thoroughly train managers and HR professionals on use of the system before going live. Also, make sure that there is additional support available after go live, as questions will inevitably come up.

Be Prepared for High Volume of Applicants

Recruitment software is intended to appeal to a larger applicant pool and make it easier to receive higher volumes of applications. Unfortunately, some companies do not plan for this occurrence. As a result, HR professionals become overworked and a backlog of applications builds up.

It may be necessary to dedicate additional labor resources towards reviewing applications and interviewing potential job candidates, at least temporarily while everyone adjusts to using the new system.

Consider Seeking Vendor Assistance

Vendors usually offer assistance with implementation of recruitment software. You may wish to consider this option, if you do not have the resources to devote to implementation. Vendors are well-acquainted with their products, so they may offer insights into implementation and use that you would not otherwise consider.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema