When you are interviewing someone for a new job, of course you want to make sure that they are competent and skilled enough to do the job. However, you also want to make sure that they will be a good fit within the company culture and be able to handle unexpected situations. To get a feel for an interviewee’s personality and ability to respond to unexpected challenges, it is important to ask some questions that may seem strange to catch the interviewee off guard.

Of course, the questions that you ask should have some ultimate purpose. It is also important to make sure that the questions that you ask aren’t perceived as condescending or stereotyping, such as asking a female candidate about fashion when it is of no relevance to the job. The following are several off-the-wall questions that interviewers have recently asked to gain greater insights into job candidates’ personalities.

Who Would Win a Fight Between Spiderman and Batman?

This may seem like a question best suited for comic book creators or cartoonists, but it was actually asked by an interviewer at the website building company Squarespace. While the question is undoubtedly bizarre, it can work to show an interviewer whether the candidate has a sense of humor and how creative they are. The speed with which the question is answered and the reasoning behind their answer can also show an interviewer how decisive a candidate is and how well they are able to defend their decisions.

If You Could Be Any Vegetable In the World, What Would You Be?

This question was asked in an interview for a major law firm. This question may help to gain insight into a job candidate’s likes, dislikes, and tendencies. If an interviewee chooses a vegetable for its ability to fight disease or provide nutrition, it may show different priorities than when an interviewee chooses a vegetable for the way that it looks or its native climate.

What Did You Have for Breakfast?

Asking what a candidate had for breakfast can give a little insight into whether an employee is likely to be prepared for the day ahead if the interview takes place in the morning. It can help the interviewer to gauge whether a candidate is on track with goals if the company is in the health or fitness industry. This particular question was pulled from a Banana Republic interview, so it may have also helped the interviewer to gauge whether the employee candidate had a sense of humor and could interact well.

What’s Your Favorite Disney Princess?

Cold Stone Creamery asked this question in order to gauge an interviewee’s playfulness and personality. If interviewees roll their eyes and disregard the question, they may not be a good fit for a company where many of the customers are children and the atmosphere is supposed to be lighthearted. If they can engage in a silly conversation and have fun with it, they may bring joy and fun to the workplace.

What Would You Do If You Were the One Survivor in a Plane Crash?

AirBNB asked this question, but it could be relevant to almost any occupation. The ability to respond to a crisis with poise and to determine rational next steps can be helpful whether the position is for a sales associate or a neurosurgeon. This question may even help to determine whether a candidate has management potential.