time and attendance software

Payroll software can make life easier for employers, managers, and HR professionals. When payroll is run manually, it can take hours and lead to errors and compliance issues. While many companies have realized the benefits of automating payroll, this important task can be made even easier by combining payroll software with time clock capabilities.

Time clocks are important to any business with employees. Even when employees are a paid a salary and schedules are flexible, employers should know how many hours are being worked and how many days are being missed. When employees are paid hourly, this information becomes even more valuable.

All in One Solutions

All in one HR software solutions may offer both payroll functionality and time clock capabilities. Since the system functions as a whole, the data entered into the time clock feature is available in the payroll module. This eliminates double data entry, prevents errors caused by mis-keys, and saves time by auto populating fields.

All in one HR software is a simple option for companies looking to streamline their time tracking and payroll. All in one options are often very general, however, so they may not fit the needs of your company perfectly. Other modules also come standard with most HR software packages, which may be unnecessary if all you want is payroll and time clock options.

Integrations between Software

Many payroll software companies make it easy to integrate the software with time clocks and many time clock vendors reciprocate. Depending on how well the systems integrate, you may have to import time and attendance data into payroll software or it may filter in automatically.

Integrating software may be a good option for companies with unique time and attendance or payroll needs. You can select the payroll software that works best for you, and then decide upon a time clock solution that works for your company structure.

Payroll Software with Time Clock Features

Some payroll software comes with time clock features, though not all. If you would like these features to be included together in your package, make sure you’re selective when choosing software. This option presents the simplicity of just payroll and time keeping, without the need for integration of software.

Time Clock Options

There are several different time clock options available:

  • Online timekeeping may work best for employees that work remotely. Employees can log into a self service portal to clock in and out or report hours worked
  • Time clock kiosks may work best for employees that work in a standard location under supervision. Employees may punch in using a card or code
  • Biometric time clocks may work best for employees that work in a standard location, but with limited supervision. Employees must punch in using a biometric identifier such as a fingerprint or iris, as indicated by the mechanism. This type of time clock prevents employees from clocking one another in or otherwise committing payroll fraud

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