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Oracle Fusion HCM software can help your company to better collaborate, work as a team, and optimize processes-even across locations in multiple countries.

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Oracle Fusion HCM Software Overview

Oracle Fusion HCM software was developed with the help of 1,700 customers in order to achieve the most user-friendly and innovative HR software solution possible. Customers have the option to choose individual modules or the entire Fusion HCM suite in order to best fit their needs. Oracle Fusion HCM is designed to co-exist with current applications and systems or to easily replace outdated legacy systems according to company needs and preferences.

Oracle Fusion HCM is truly global, so its structure is ideal for companies that operate in several countries. Many languages and forms of currency are supported, with country extension for Oracle Fusion Global Payroll being pre-configured. Oracle Fusion HCM also supports local compliance and process needs across multiple countries.

Why People Are Choosing Oracle

  • Oracle is the single largest software company in the world
  • Multiple deployment options are offered
  • Cloud deployment is offered and supported globally
  • Hybrid deployment option allows customers to use a combination of products in different deployments
  • Integration capabilities with many legacy systems
  • Synchronization for email with Outlook and Lotus Notes
  • Completely customizable interfaces allow users to select screens, skins, forms, themes, and dynamic layouts for a personalized experience
  • Social capabilities allow easy messaging and networking options
  • Multiple languages supported including English, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Germen, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Oracle Account Representatives provide personalized support and advice

How Can Oracle Fusion HCM Software Help Your Company?

Oracle Fusion HCM software can help your company to better collaborate, work as a team, and optimize processes-even across locations in multiple countries. The user-centric design allows each user, including employees, managers, and HR professionals to customize the interface to suit their needs and preferences. Oracle offers companies a versatility not commonly seen among HCM solutions, as you can choose to integrate individual modules or the entire suite and you can choose from several deployment options: on-premise, hosted, or SaaS.

Optimizes Data Usage with Cutting Edge Predictive Analytics

Oracle Fusion HCM allows you to use your own data strategically so that you can make the decisions that will ensure the brightest future for your company. Oracle Data Mining creates a set of indicators using advanced algorithms and the data that is available in your system. When these indicators are triggered, predictions are made and notifications are sent out so that corrective action can be taken. As more transactional data is added, the system constantly updates and self-adapts to refine predictions. This helps to keep the predictions and analyses as accurate and relevant as possible, even as changes occur within the company.

Continuous Technological Advantage

Oracle schedules product enhancements every three to six months that are applied to Cloud deployments according to a regularly planned release process that is detailed in the customer SLA. Since Oracle Fusion HCM is built using a single code line, upgrades can be easily applied to systems whether on-premise or SaaS deployment options have been selected. This means that your company can always utilize the most current version of the software available, keeping you ahead of your competition.

Empowers Employees with Capabilities beyond Self-Service

Since Oracle Fusion HCM was built to handle the unique roles of individuals within an organization, employee self-service is not limited to managing human resources data. Employees and managers can perform a variety of functions and view a wealth of information pertaining to succession planning, organizational charting, skills and talent management, and mentoring in addition to the options generally allowed with self-service portals. Employees can communicate using Oracle Social Network and Network@Work, both of which provide a common place for employees to network and share information, even from distant locations. Network@Work is a social media solution that allows each employee to create a personal brand and connect to other employees through the module. This social option also allows managers to better visualize employees’ work relationships within teams, growth needs, and capabilities.

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