Seasonal hiring can be a painful process, since a lot of effort goes into hiring, onboarding, and training only to see the workers leave just about as soon as they become proficient. Despite the pains of seasonal hiring, the process is necessary for many industries, as busy seasons crop up for only a single quarter or less. Following a few tips may help to make your seasonal hiring processes run smoother-for you and your hires.

Start Very Early

While you shouldn’t actually get your hires into the store until you need them, it makes sense to start the process of hiring for your seasonal needs well in advance. Posting a job advertisement with the dates specified a few weeks or even several months in advance will allow plenty of candidates to apply and give your company time to screen and interview so that you can find the perfect recruits. You can even hire your candidates in advance and send them information so that they will be prepared when start time comes.

Hire for Attitude

Seasonal employees will be expected to learn large amounts of information quickly, deal with many people that are in a rush, and perform to certain standards within your company. These needs require a high level of flexibility and adaptability, so your hiring processes should be geared towards finding people with these character qualities. It will usually be easier to train someone with less experience and a good attitude than to try to work with a seasonal employee with a lot of experience and a bad attitude.

Use Technology to Speed Things Up

Social recruiting, automated onboarding, and remote training can help to dramatically ease your seasonal hiring woes. Posting job ads through social media and filtering online applications for qualifications using HR software can make it quick and easy to sort through hundreds of applications to find your top picks. Allowing employees to submit information and train using online tools can save time and help to prevent confusion once the employees actually enter the building or begin working.

Look In the Right places

Seasonal workers can sometimes be tough to find, as most people that are looking for a job hope to hold onto it for the long haul. Students and retirees are two categories of people that differ in this regard and are often looking for seasonal work. Posting job advertisements in places specifically targeted to reaching these audiences may make seasonal workers easier to find.

Understand What Laws Still Apply

Many of the laws that apply to full time workers also apply to temporary or seasonal workers. While employers may avoid paying unemployment by specifying the amount of time that workers will be employed for, employers will usually still have to withhold and pay taxes, carry workers’ compensation insurance, and follow labor laws regarding minimum wage and overtime. Employers should check with an expert to ensure that all applicable laws are being followed.

Offer Great Temporary Employees Further Opportunity

After the seasonal employees have been hired, onboarded, and trained, certain seasonal workers are bound to shine. If your company needs permanent workers, it may be helpful to offer these prodigies a job. If your company does not need permanent workers, you may help to ease your hiring woes for the following year by offering temporary workers the opportunity to come back to the team the following year.