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iSolved HCM software is a cloud-based system designed to help small to mid-sized organizations with all aspects of their human capital management.

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iSolved HCM software Overview

iSolved HCM software is a cloud-based system designed to help small to mid-sized organizations with all aspects of their human capital management. The platform was created with the user in mind, so it is simple to navigate and can be tailored to work with a company’s needs and distinctive culture. iSolved starts with payroll, time tracking, and benefits, but bundles can be added as desired to create a comprehensive, scalable solution.

Why People Are Choosing iSolved

  • iSolved is trusted by 45,000 employers and over three million employees
  • Customer service is top quality
  • Clients have seen consistent improvements in productivity and reductions in turnover
  • Data security is a priority
  • All data can be entered from a single point
  • Learning management additions can elevate job performance
  • Goal setting options keep employees on task and mobilize departments
  • Reduces need for imports and exports from disparate systems
  • Syncs HR, time, and payroll

How Can iSolved HCM Software Help Your Company?

Businesses today have to be able to adapt to changes in technology, legislation, trends, and popular practices. iSolved HCM software provides a flexible solution for managing the people that are the heart of an organization, making it easier to adapt to change while keeping the entirety of the workforce on board and functioning as a team. The scalability allows companies to select just the right amount of assistance with their human capital management.

iSolved with Mojo Fosters Collaboration

iSolved Mojo is the social and collaborative layer of iSolved HCM software. This tool provides employees with a customizable dashboard through which they can connect with peers, learn about company events and news, review and complete assignments, submit feedback or suggestions, update goals, crowdsource ideas, view reports, and earn points and rewards. Mojo connects employees with one another and with the company so they never have to wonder how to seek help, whether their feedback is considered valuable, or how a particular aspect of the company works. This simple tool can improve employees’ work life and help them engage with the company. It can also help employers show their employees appreciation while keeping expectations and standards transparent.

Onboarding Wizard Helps New Employees Acclimate

From the start, new employees are welcomed into a company by iSolved HCM. The onboarding wizard allows new employees to perform onboarding tasks autonomously. The portal highlights important information, provides attachments for employees to review and sign, and offers links to training videos.

Surveys Provide a Proactive Engagement Tool

Determining the level of engagement is often a challenge. However, employee engagement has been linked to productivity and retention, directly impacting turnover and the bottom line. Pulse surveys give employers a way to proactively gauge their employees’ engagement and satisfaction. Pulse surveys show up in Mojo, where employees can see that they have been assigned and complete the surveys. Employers can distribute surveys frequently and use them to not only figure out how much employees like the company and their jobs, but determine what would constitute a good company picnic, what kind of rewards employees would like to see, and many other large and small issues.

Reporting and Analytics Assist with Real Time Decision Making

Reporting and analytics can be used in many ways, but become an effective tool for people management when used to make real-time decisions. This functionality can help with labor management, staffing, scheduling, and recruitment optimization on a daily basis. Premium reporting options allow employers to build report formulas in under a minute for the most customized and useful reporting possible.

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