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isolved People Cloud is an employee experience platform that seamlessly manages the entire HR/employee journey and effortlessly adapts to future-proof organizations.

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isolved People Cloud Overview

Employee needs and expectations are constantly evolving. isolved People Cloud simplifies the business of human resource management, from talent management, HR and payroll, and workforce management to engagement management all from one connected platform. isolved People Cloud provides the strategic analytics and workforce insights HR and business leaders need to stay nimble and help future-proof the organization. Seamlessly deliver the entire employee journey—from hire to retire—with isolved People Cloud.

Why People Are Choosing isolved

isolved is trusted by over 5 million employees and 145,000 employers to boost performance, increase productivity and accelerate results while reducing risk. With isolved People Cloud, employers get:
  • A comprehensive platform that meets their unique needs regardless of industry or size
  • Strategic HR technology that improves organizational efficiencies and profitability
  • A connected solution that aligns with the employee journey – from start to finish
  • Better employee experience for a culture of collaboration and growth
  • Proactive compliance with nimble software that rapidly evolves with an organization and its industry

How Can isolved People Cloud Help Your Company?

When a company’s purpose and culture are top reasons someone might accept, leave or stay at a job, employers need to ensure they’re providing a positive employee experience and consumer-grade technology at work. This is where isolved People Cloud can help by delivering a modern employee experience by design through a connected platform that effortlessly navigates and streamlines the entire HR/employee journey—from talent management, HR and payroll, and workforce management to engagement management.

Strategic HR Technology

isolved People Cloud makes human resources a strategic function by using accurate workforce insights and reports to improve organizational efficiencies and profitability. HR teams are able to access reporting and analytical tools that are easy to use and understand, even for data and analytics novices.

Align the Employee Journey

isolved People Cloud is an intelligently connected solution that aligns with the employee journey from start to finish. HR teams can experience enterprise-level functionality that’s tuned to their organization to help simplify their HR processes from end-to-end.

Consumer-Grade Technology

Employees’ expectations for how technology should work is driven by their consumer experiences. With isolved People Cloud, organizations can provide employees with an easy-to-use, consumer-grade technology that they’ll be excited to engage with – while boosting productivity.

Better Employee Experience

A culture of collaboration and growth starts with a positive employee experience. isolved People Cloud provides tools that enable collaboration and immediate feedback to keep employees informed and empowered. isolved People Cloud helps companies retain their best talent and reduce employee turnover and associated costs by increasing employee satisfaction through rewards, encouragement and connection tools.

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