Software Integration

If your organization has acquired a HRIS but opted to retain a separate payroll system or maintain outsourced payroll, it may benefit you to make the shift and integrate payroll with your HRIS. While it can be tough to switch processes that are seemingly working well, you may be amazed at the benefits that integration can have. The following are a few advantages that you can expect to see when you decide to integrate payroll in with your other HRIS features.

No Need for Double Data Entry

If your payroll system is connected to your time and attendance tracking, employee database, and other information systems, the information can be seamlessly moved back and forth in the system without the need for double data entry. Many systems even automatically update all impacted information when changes are made in one part of the system. This eliminates tons of work, saving labor hours and reducing the propensity for errors.

Allows Better and Faster Reporting

Organizational data grows on a daily basis, so it can be tough to pool relevant data together to glean actionable insights when a disparate payroll system is being used. Having all of the information available within the HRIS means that reports can utilize that data and cross reference it with other data to compile analytics that can be used for improvements.

Can Help with Payroll System Compliance

When a HRIS is used to do payroll, the system will automatically help with managing overtime, attendance records, and taxes. The system may send alerts when some aspect of payroll or labor is in danger of being non-compliant and it may automatically pull data needed for reporting requirements. This can help to save time, reduce headaches, and possibly save money on penalties that would have been levied for non-compliance.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

If any aspects of your payroll are still being done with paper, integrating payroll with your HRIS may help to reduce the paper load. This can reduce the clutter in the workplace and can reduce the overall impact that the company has on the environment. The environmental benefits may be substantial over a long period of time in which paperwork and the related storage for it is not needed.

Improves Communications and Teamwork

When time and attendance, payroll, employee records, and other HR related needs are managed through a single interface, it can improve communications and teamwork. One manager or HR professional can make changes in one area, even noting the reason for changes, and others can see that change when they go into the relevant area. This can help to eliminate confusion and make it simple to make changes and correct errors.

Can Help with Employee Empowerment

When payroll is integrated with a HRIS that has self service options, employees can view their payroll information at their leisure. This allows them to check for accuracy, be aware of how much their paycheck will be ahead of time, and retrieve historical payroll data when needed. Allowing employees to access their own payroll information can save HR professionals’ time while empowering employees.