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Implementing a HRIS is meant to make the jobs of HR managers and personnel easier. However, just like with any new system, it can take some time not only for the system to be implemented but also for staff to learn how to use it to its full capabilities. In addition, while the HRIS implementation is in progress, HR staff will need to be able to fulfill their usual HR planning and duties.

Human Resources Planning

Before the HRIS implementation process begins, you should examine your current HR plan. If any aspects of the plan will be affected by the new HRIS, you should be prepared to update these alongside the implementation. The human resources planning and the implementation of the HRIS should go hand-in-hand for the most seamless transition possible.

Advance HRIS Planning

Plan each stage of the implementation in advance. It’s essential to think about how each part of your HR plan will be achieved both with and without the HRIS in place. You should also decide which features of the HRIS are the most important to your HR plan so that these higher-priority phases can be implemented first.

Modern HR Planning

A HRIS will provide opportunities for modernizing your HR planning. Part of the preparation for the HRIS implementation should be deciding how to take advantage of the technology to ease the burden on your employees. As each part of your HR plan is incorporated into the new HRIS, you’ll need to decide how best to use the technology to make HR functions the most efficient.

Gradual HRIS Implementation

Because the implementation can take time, it’s important to gradually phase in the new HRIS. With each section of the HRIS implemented one step at a time, employees are thus better able to familiarize themselves with each part as it comes online. With each phase of the HRIS implementation, it’s a good idea to pause the implementation so that employees can learn to use those particular features.

This also gives employees a chance to understand how each part of the HRIS fits in with their tasks and the overall HR plan before moving on to the next phase of implementation.

Review HR Planning

As the HRIS is implemented, you should review your plan after each phase of the software is rolled out. Once employees have had a chance to gradually begin using the new features of the HRIS on a daily basis, you may discover that further tweaks need to be made to your human resources planning. The HRIS and your HR plan need to work together and if there are any adjustments to be made, it’s best to discover them early.

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