employee retention

How Can HRIS Help with Employee Retention?

Employee retention is becoming ever more critical as baby boomers begin to retire and the work force replacing them becomes smaller. Retaining great employees ensures that your business will continue to operate at the same or improved levels of productivity, rather than lower levels of productivity as new employees are trained. There are many factors that impact employee retention, but HRIS software can help with quite a few.

Improves Exit Interviews and Tracking

Exit interviews are one of the best tools that an organization has for understanding why employees wish to leave, but employees often skip exit interviews or fail to cite real reasons for leaving when exit interviews are held face to face. Conducting exit interviews through HRIS as part of offboarding takes some of the pressure off employees, so they may feel more compelled to give honest answers and go into greater detail about the reasons for leaving. HRIS can also help to keep track of exit interviews so that employers can easily spot patterns of discontent.

Makes Objectives More Transparent

One of the most commonly cited reasons for leaving a company is that the goals and expectations were unclear. HRIS makes it easier for employers to state specific goals for employees and provide guidance that can be referred to through the system. Some HRIS even provide goal tracking options, so employees can update progress and “check off” goals that have been completed.

Makes Career Development Easier

Another commonly cited reason for leaving a company is that there was a lack of opportunity for development and advancement. HRIS makes it easier for managers to identify employee training needs and some systems may even allow employees to complete training using the system. It is up to employers and managers to take advantage of these options, however.

Allows Employees’ Voices to Be Heard

Employees that do not feel valued will soon begin looking for a place to work where they do feel valued. HRIS makes it easier for managers and employees to communicate regarding system improvements, complaints, and any other issues that may come up. Acting on this communication, or at least addressing it, can make employees feel that their opinions matter and that they are valued within the organization.

Increases Opportunities for Recognition

While being allowed to voice their opinions can help employees to feel valued, they may still begin to feel under-appreciated if their efforts often go unnoticed. HRIS makes it possible to recognize employees’ efforts in front of the whole organization-with the click of a button in only a few seconds time. Providing and broadcasting incentives may also spur other employees’ motivation.

Assists with Recruiting the Right People

Last but not least, HRIS can assist with employee retention from the beginning by helping your company to hire the right people. Social recruitment options can help you to attract a broader candidate pool and HRIS can quickly sift through resumes and applications to bring the most qualified applicants’ information to the top of the stack. Using HRIS for recruitment also makes applying easiest and faster, so those bright employees may be more interested in your company.