Employee Wellness

A HRIS can automate tasks that were previously done manually, but it can also have so much more of an impact on an organization. With the right features in place and a little tech savvy, employers can use a HRIS to make their company more attractive and improve the lives of employees. By focusing on using a HRIS to improve employee wellness, employers may improve productivity, retention, and job satisfaction by showing employees that the company cares.

Make Wellness Perks Known

When companies offer wellness perks like gym memberships and online fitness program subscriptions, it is easy to assume that employees know about everything that is available to them, but this may not be the case. Some perks may not be communicated all the way down to all of the employees, especially in large companies. A HRIS can put information about all available perks and programs at every employee’s fingertips so that there is no way this information will get lost in translation.

Employee benefits are a common perk that is also not communicated to employees effectively. Employees may know that they have insurance and may see deductions come out, but they may not consider the fact that the company is paying for a large portion of their insurance. By allowing employees to see every dollar spent on them for insurance and other benefits, it may increase employees’ gratitude and sense of loyalty to the company, which can be good for everyone involved.

Include Wellness in Goals

HRIS can be used to set work goals and communicate regularly, so with some creativity employers may also be able to set wellness goals for employees. These shouldn’t be strenuous or difficult for some employees to complete; they should be simple and achievable by all, but also helpful in reducing stress and promoting physical and emotional wellness. It may be possible to set goals like “take a two minute walk around the office every 90 minutes” in order to keep employees from sitting for too long.

Allow Employees to Work on Development

Putting employees in charge of their own development can have a positive impact on their emotional well being. Employees typically feel more valued and fulfilled when they are able to take the reins on their own development and using a HRIS to make this aspect of working life easy can greatly improve satisfaction. Allowing employees to track and view development and access LMS through the HRIS can also help to improve productivity and assist with succession planning.

Broadcast Employee Achievements

When employees feel that their work is appreciated, they are much more likely to strive to do even better and are also more likely to feel satisfied and stay at a place of employment. To make employees feel appreciated, achievements can be posted to communication boards on the HRIS. Rewards, completed goals, customer praise, and other types of positive feedback can be broadcast throughout the company to make employees feel that their efforts are being recognized and that they are valued.

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