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Schools provide essential education for the next generation, so it makes sense to simplify any processes that aren’t directly related to the ultimate goals of education. HR software can help to reduce the paperwork and extraneous tasks that can bog a school system down. The following are a few ways that HR software can make a school operate more efficiently and effectively.

Helps You Hire Great Teachers and Staff

Great teachers and staff are the keystone of a school. HR software can help your school to optimize hiring processes so that you can find and hire the most qualified teachers and staff while allotting fewer labor hours to posting job ads, reviewing applications, checking references, and conducting interviews. You may wish to utilize an “all-in-one” HRIS solution that includes recruitment functionality, or purchase a separate applicant tracking system (ATS).

Provides Development Opportunities

HR software can be set up to provide access to training programs and learning management systems. Being able to access these programs and systems from mobile devices and computer allows teachers and staff to take advantage of development opportunities on their own time and at their own pace. This can help to ensure that certifications are acquired and can assist with continuing education.

Assists with Compliance and District Requirements

Compliance can get tricky as employment laws are updated and changed. To make things even more complicated, different districts may have different requirements regarding benefits, hours tracking, screening of school staff and teachers, and other issues. HR software can help you to keep all documentation straight, keep you up to date with changing laws and policies, and assist you with reporting.

Aligns Goals across the Board

Goal setting and communication is important in ensuring that all students receive a consistent education, learning certain key elements about each subject despite having different teachers. HR software that is specifically designed for schools can be helpful in setting goals across classes, schools, and districts so that every student receives instruction that will help them to advance and prepare them for the future.

Improves Staff Autonomy

Teachers and school staff are often busy, continuously furthering their own knowledge and participating in community events while also grading papers, coming up with lesson plans, and planning for future events and classes.

Self service portals available with many HR software packages allow teachers to view and update their personal information, request time off, and view pay information while on the go. This can provide teachers a higher degree of autonomy that allows them to spend their time on more meaningful activities.

Selecting HR Software for a School

Not all HR software is ideal for schools, so it’s important to be particular when selecting a solution. Evaluate the HR needs of your school, with the specific requirements and characteristics of your district in mind, when reviewing the features and functionality of different systems. Make sure that you also consider customer support when evaluating your options, reviewing the experiences that other schools have had with software solutions.

If you feel that your school could benefit from the help of experts when it comes time to select HR software, consider consulting vendor matching professionals.

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