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Restaurants have a unique and complex culture that does not exactly parallel any other type of workplace. The intricacies of the restaurant culture are magnified further when the restaurant expands to become a chain. These particularities may make it seem that a HRIS would not fit or help as much with managing a restaurant chain, but this could not be further from the truth.

A HRIS can help to break down and simplify many of the things that make managing a restaurant chain difficult. A HRIS can also help to bring greater consistency to the workplace and empower employees. Some of the largest and most successful restaurant chains have already implemented HRIS solutions that have helped to support growth and improve company culture.

Simplifies Scheduling

One of the most difficult parts of running a restaurant chain is scheduling. Labor is often the single greatest expense for a restaurant chain. Scheduling strategically so that labor is kept as low as possible while customer service is as high quality as possible in every single restaurant is a tricky task that must be perfected in order for the chain to be profitable and popular.

A HRIS can make scheduling tasks much easier for managers by using financial data to identify labor needs and lining this information up with employee availability. Managers can copy and paste past schedules, make changes as needed to fit current situations, and set rules according to company specific needs. Having a great scheduler in place in a HRIS can dramatically reduce time spent making schedules and time spent transferring information over to payroll systems.

Empowers Employees

Having a range of schedules is not only difficult for managers, it is difficult for employees and can lead to errors and missed shifts when employees’ schedules change frequently. A HRIS that makes it possible for employees to view their schedules online, make time off requests, and view approvals reduces the potential for errors and miscommunications. When employees can also view their personal information, electronically sign up for benefits, and manage development through the HRIS, it creates a more empowered company culture.

Optimizes Recruiting and Onboarding

Recruiting and onboarding can be difficult and labor consuming for both managers and employees when done the old fashioned way. HRIS solutions can sift through hundreds of electronic applications as they come in, flagging applications with certain desirable qualifications and keeping all applications neatly stored for legal purposes.

When it comes time to onboard, HRIS can transfer employee information from applications into employee files with a few clicks. Employees can also submit needed materials and go through orientation online instead of coming into the restaurant. This helps to save manager labor and allows employees to really focus on the materials at their own pace.

Assists with Compliance

When manual systems are used to keep restaurant records, it can be very difficult to keep all information organized and accessible for compliance purposes. The fast paced nature of restaurants can cause paperwork to become misplaced, forgotten, or even damaged. HRIS solutions keep all information in one place, produce reports on demand, and continually update information regarding compliance needs.

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