Communities count on government agencies to be capable of effectively handling important needs. Government agencies are held to a higher standard than most organizations and are expected to be sufficiently staffed and able to respond to even the most extreme emergency situations at a moment’s notice.

With these expectations in place, it’s critical that government agencies have equally high standards in place for their human resources management systems. HR software can help government agencies and offices to manage their people and information proficiently so that they are able to respond to situations and improve the communities which they serve.

Hire for Success

Most government agencies require employees to reach certain education levels and have years of experience to qualify for positions. Upon qualification, candidates must usually pass rigorous screenings and attend several interviews. While government employees must prove to be capable of fulfilling the requirements of their positions, government agencies must also hire quickly and plan well, as vacancies can mire processes and create complications.

HR software can help government agencies to quickly sort through a large number of applications in order to identify the top candidates. Recruitment functionality often simplifies screening processes, performing some tasks automatically and filing all results in candidate profiles. Succession planning features can also help agencies to plan ahead and rely on internal promotions to mitigate future vacancies.

Track and Increase Retention Rates

Reporting features can help agencies keep track of retention rates so that steps can be taken to increase satisfaction and retain the best and brightest employees. High retention can help any company to save costs and operate more efficiently, but can be especially helpful for government agencies where past policies and situations may be relevant in influencing current issues.

Recognize and Reward Great Performance

HR software can be used to implement and manage learning and achievement initiatives, recognize great performance in a public way, and reward employees for going above and beyond. The actions of government employees can have a long-lasting and resounding impact, so it’s important to continuously inspire high performance. Since some actions require extreme effort or courage, it’s also essential that employees feel appreciation in equal measure to their efforts.

Facilitate Communication and Engagement

Digital communication options can speed communication and help to foster engagement, not just among government employees, but among area residents as well. Having an effective solution for relaying important information about changes being made, relief efforts being administered following a disaster, and other important community issues can be refreshing for community members and government employees.

Choosing an HR Software Solution for Government Agencies

There are several HR software solutions designed specifically for government agencies. Since government agencies don’t all operate the same way or perform the same functions, however, it’s important to select the solution that will best fit the unique needs of the office. Consider how the organization hires, which community issues the office is expected to handle, and the general feel of the office culture when selecting software.

Consulting HR software vendor matching experts may save time and effort when selecting an HRIS or other software. Vendor matching professionals can supply information to assist with decision making and recommend a short list of top matches.

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