dental office

Dental offices are generally small, with only a few workers that closely assist patients. Even in the case of large chains, each office employs only a few workers, each of whom is responsible for interacting regularly with patients. Due to this close-knit set-up, it’s very important that each person working in the office be knowledgeable, personable, and able to represent the company.

Since every employee is so essential to the operation, dental offices must work hard to hire and retain the right people. HR software can help with recruitment, retention, and a host of other human resources needs that dental practices must contend with.

Recruiting Dental Office Staff

Whether an office is looking to hire a dental hygienist, a receptionist, or an employee for another position, being able to quickly post the job to the right places can help fill the vacancy faster so that customer service and revenues aren’t affected. Putting the right screening tools and accurate job descriptions in place can help ensure that quality employees with the right qualifications are hired.

HR software can assist with job description creation and posting, resume parsing, communication with applicants, background checks, personality and psychological screening, interviewing, and onboarding. This can help dental offices to find and hire candidates that are uniquely suited to the position and the practice.

Managing Payroll and Benefits

Many dental offices make errors when it comes to payroll. Failing to pay employees overtime due to perceived exemptions, misclassifying employees as independent contractors, and improperly reimbursing employees for training and travel time are a few areas that dental offices often get payroll wrong. It’s not always easy for dental offices to keep up with changes in laws or understand what they are required to provide employees in terms of benefits.

HR software helps dental offices stay up to date with laws by providing information and regular updates. While it’s still important to work with a professional to establish fair and correct payroll and benefits practices, HR software can make it easy to track overtime, provide reports when necessary, and comply with laws.

Improving Development and Training Options

Dentistry is a field in which new ideas and treatments are continuously being introduced. As such, there is a need to make sure that all staff is familiar with the most current methods and information pertaining to dental health and treatments.

Many HR software solutions come with options for assigning training courses and tracking certifications. Some solutions may even link with learning management systems (LMS) so that employees can review modules and take quizzes online to further their training and development. This can help to keep staff as knowledgeable as possible, while also helping to enhance some ambitious employees’ careers within a practice.

Performance and Rewards

Employees that are recognized, held accountable, and rewarded for good performance can elevate a dental office. Patients come back to an office where there are friendly faces and consistent practices. HR software can help you keep track of employee performance, perform reviews, and distribute recognition and rewards.

If you want to implement HR software into your dental office, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Visit our vendor match page so that we can get an idea what you’re looking for and provide information about a few vendors that might meet your needs.