Criminal Background Check

Background screenings can help employers to hire with peace of mind, reducing risks to other employees and customers and improving retention rates. Some HR software vendors have made it possible to run background checks directly through the software, still many others have opened up functionality to allow background screening services to integrate with the systems.

Having access to background screening services through HR software just makes sense, as the data can be pertinent to hiring decisions and may be important to view even after hire. Depending on the industry, it may be important to keep background screening information handy for compliance purposes. Being able to access this information through HR software and employee profiles can save time while ensuring that all bases are covered.

Digitizing Background Screenings

Manual background screenings were very labor intensive, requiring runners to physically go to courthouses, schools, and local agencies to obtain candidate records. The availability of these records in a digital format has made it possible to simplify this process, allowing records to be obtained upon request – and sometimes payment – electronically via the internet.

Background checks are generally more comprehensive now, as well. Employers may be able to view a candidate’s credit, criminal record, driving record, sex offender status, and medical history in one place when they request a digital record of the candidate’s background.

Reference Questionnaires

In some cases, background screenings available through HR software extend beyond the typical screenings that can be obtained by the general public at a cost. Some software solutions come with the option to send questionnaires to candidates’ references, posing the same questions to the candidate. The system scans the questionnaires and highlights discrepancies, making it easy to see where candidates may be stretching the truth.

Maintaining Compliance

Laws may differ from country to country or even between localities about what is allowed and acceptable to use for hiring decisions. For example, California doesn’t allow employers to use credit check information to make hiring decisions. HR software can help keep track of these laws and keep employers informed about them so that it’s easy to maintain compliance.

Tracing Candidate Moves

In some cases, candidates will leave out background information that occurred in another county or state in hopes the new employer won’t search that far. HR software driven background checks can usually identify previous candidate addresses and search the databases in those areas for information regarding the candidate’s history in those places – for up to five years. This can bring to light any missing information.

Selecting HR Software with Background Screening Capabilities

Not all HR software background screening tools are exactly the same. Some HR software vendors may simply partner with a background screening service, which may cost extra depending on your plan. Others may offer the service directly through the software, but may only offer limited options, such as credit checks or criminal background checks.

Before committing to an HR software solution that offers background checks, be sure you know what you’re getting with the service. If you would like the assistance of experts to be sure the HR software solution will meet your needs, we can help. Visit our vendor match page to find out how.