In recent years, companies have begun to see the wisdom behind taking measures to try to be seen as a great place to work. Having a better team than the competitors ensures that you’ll have an edge over the competition and can help your workplace to be more productive, bring in more in revenue, and possibly even grow and expand. Combine these bonuses with an ever-shrinking influx of talented newcomers to the market and you have good reasons to want to make your company more attractive to employees.

Offer Competitive and Fair Compensation

Employees get a job in order to earn a living and support their loved ones, so regardless of any other perks or offerings, if the pay isn’t right you will not attract top talent. Your company pay scale does not have to be above everyone else in the field or even in the top percentage, but if it falls on the low end of the spectrum you will never attract the best in the business. Research and find out what other companies in the industry are offering and make sure that your company measures up.

Create a Culture of Appreciation and Respect

The demanding manager that screams at employees is no longer tolerated in most workplaces and will definitely not help to attract or retain top talent. While passion is good, there should be a foundation of respect in which the employees – and managers – feel like they are viewed as humans with lives and not just machines performing task after task. Encouraging managers to thank employees for their contributions and publicly congratulate employees on successes can also create a positive atmosphere.

Focus on Optimizing Work/Life Balance

If it is possible to offer employees the opportunity to work some shifts at home or to work flexible hours, providing this opportunity may help to attract employees that are skilled but have responsibilities outside of work. If certain shifts must be filled each day, working with employees to fulfill preferences and help them meet outside obligations will be noticed and appreciated. Employees will be able to give you their best work when they have a desirable work/life balance.

Empower and Engage Employees

When employees are engaged and empowered, they will take charge over their own development and be truly interested in the work they are doing and the strides that they are making within the company. This may elevate your company to another level and make succession planning easier. Allowing employees to progress at their own pace will also save human resources professionals and managers time and take some of the pressure off the employees.

Commit to Sustainability

Sustainability is a popular buzzword, but committing to converting processes and building components to be more sustainable can help the company to attract conscientious, forward-thinking individuals while also helping the environment. These are the types of employees that you want to employ, as they will drive your company forward with the same passion that they have for bettering their space. Having a mission that employees can “buy into” may really help to attract some of the best and brightest.