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Many HRIS include ATS, or applicant tracking systems. However, there is no need to settle for a system that simply allows you to track applicant information; you can now use HRIS to enhance nearly every aspect of the recruitment process. With the right solution in place, it’s now easier than ever to find the right applicant and transition them into the position painlessly.

In the past, recruitment features may have been considered an “added bonus.” However, times are changing. Recruitment is a costly and time consuming function, necessary for company growth and success. By making recruitment features a priority during the HRIS selection process, you may dramatically improve your system’s ROI and your recruitment processes in one step.

Ease Remote Recruiting

By digitizing the recruitment process, it’s easier than ever to find qualified employees from across town or even across the globe. This can allow your company to appeal to a wider candidate pool so that you are able to find top talent. Plus, there will never be a reason to settle for a barely qualified candidate.

By making hiring needs and company information transparent, employee candidates can easily find out everything they must know to become a part of your company.

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Improve Collaborative Hiring

Hiring employees should always be a collaborative effort, but the process can become overwhelming when completed the old-fashioned way. When HRIS is used for hiring, it’s much easier for the managers and HR professionals involved in the process to take immediate action.

Candidate applications and profiles can be reviewed and interview feedback may be added. Then, the candidate can be quickly moved on to the next step in the hiring process.

Analytics Provide Insights

Some HRIS recruitment features make it possible to view analytics, based on different aspects of the recruitment process or different employee qualifications. By reviewing numerical data based upon past hires, present performance, and turnover data, you may gain superior insights into correlations that will allow you to make better hiring decisions.

When your company has optimized the use of analytics in recruitment, you may be able to increase retention rates, productivity and overall efficiency.

Optimize Employee Satisfaction

Streamlined HRIS recruiting makes the hiring process more convenient and enjoyable for employee candidates. Employee candidates can also gain greater insight into the company, which allows employees to determine whether they are likely to remain content with a company for the long haul.

By allowing employees to witness the inner workings of a company before committing to working there, the odds that the employee will stay longer increase quite a bit.

Simplify Internal Promotion

When HRIS is used for recruitment processes, it can break down walls. Companies can simply post hiring needs so that they are viewable by both current employees and outside candidates. This eliminates the favoring issues that crop up when managers only tell certain employees about an open position. Employees are also able to view and apply for available positions, without the level of competition that often occurred in the past.

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Authored by: Dave Rietsema