hris software classes

As with most technology, the knee-jerk approach to figuring out HRIS is often to jump in and start using it. A hands-on approach isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it may be worthwhile to consider HRIS software classes. Taking HRIS software classes may help you – and your employees – figure out the system faster and maximize the return on your investment.

If you are considering HRIS software classes, the following are a few options that you may wish to consider for yourself and your employees.

Online Training Courses

Many HRIS vendors now offer online training courses that can be used to learn their specific systems. This option is convenient because learners can train at their own pace when they have time. Since HRIS will be used online, the training can also be used to walk learners through using the system step by step exactly as it will be used on a daily basis.

The downside to online HRIS training courses is that it can become tedious or overwhelming if the learner isn’t familiar with HR software in general. The training may be over the learner’s head, which can be dangerous if there aren’t support systems in place to ensure that the learners are prepared before it becomes necessary to use the software. The amount of information that needs to be relayed may also be too much if starting from scratch.

Online training tends to work best if it’s used to teach or update users on specific modules and features. Online learning can be cost effective when compared to other training modalities. This makes it the perfect option when there are particular aspects of the software that need to be learned.

HRIS Vendor Classroom Training

Some HRIS software vendors offer classroom training at corporate locations or regional training centers. This gives learners the opportunity to ask questions of the experts in a low-pressure setting, while learning amongst others. Teachers may also give users ideas on how to customize the software that wouldn’t have been obvious.

Since classroom style training is by nature done in a “one-size-fits-all” way, it’s possible for some learners to be left behind and for others to be ahead of the curve. Since support is offered, it may be a little easier for beginners to catch up on a large amount of information than with self-service training courses, but it’s still possible for learners to leave the course confused and unprepared.

If your company will be taking part in classroom training for new HRIS software or for updated features, it can be helpful to have participants study ahead of time. Having learners come up with specific questions or look over coursework beforehand can make all the difference when it comes time for the class.

On Site Employee HRIS Training

On site HRIS training can be more expensive than other options, but may combine the best of all worlds. HRIS software experts come to your workplace, so learners get to see the software in the format and setting that they will utilize the software in daily. Learners get the support they need and are generally trained in small groups, so they won’t be overwhelmed with learning too much at once.

For best results, schedule on-site training for a time when the office is closed or when the training can be performed free from outside distractions.

If you feel that you could benefit from new HRIS software and want to select a vendor with training courses that fit your needs, we can help. Visit our vendor match page to get started.