27 08, 2018
  • Payroll Software Systems

The Real Costs of Payroll Errors

admin |2020-05-18T15:03:59-04:00 Aug 27th, 2018| Legal and Compliance, Payroll|

Payroll is often the largest expense for a company. Payroll can get even pricier when errors are made. The following are a few ways that payroll errors can cost your company. Labor Hours Spent Correcting Errors Every single error made [...]

26 11, 2013
  • business people standing and talking

Picking an HRMS that Both HR and IT Love

admin |2020-05-18T15:05:04-04:00 Nov 26th, 2013| HR Technology, Payroll|

It is no secret that the HR department is worlds apart in culture and operation from the IT department. Human Resource Departments are involved in the day-to-day management of people that perform various roles throughout the company. At the opposite [...]

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