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When selecting a new HRIS software solution for your company, you may wish to consider using HRIS vendor matching services. HRIS vendor matching services can help find vendors you may not have otherwise found. Plus, you can save time and money on research. HRIS vendor matching services can also provide insights regarding vendors and solutions that may help you avoid trouble down the road.

Speeds Up the Research Phase

When you use a vendor matching service, it can considerably cut down on the amount of time and resources allocated towards research. Most vendor matching services require you to fill out a form that reviews your top HRIS priorities and captures some basic information about your company. Using this information, the professionals behind the service filter out the vendors and solutions that do not match your needs and provide a short list of compatible solutions.

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Simplifies Your Search

Since a vendor matching service essentially performs searches for you, the research process requires considerably less time and effort.

When HR software is not your area of expertise, sorting through the piles of information can become an overwhelming task. Figuring out the correct verbiage and phrasing needed to cut through the piles of information may not be easy. However, mastering this process is imperative, as you can more easily locate the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Vendor matching services also provide side-by-side comparisons of different vendors, so that you can compare available features, ratings, costs, and other necessary data.

Can Save You Money

Without a vendor matching service, you must inevitably devote a certain amount of HR hours to researching different vendors. Amidst this task, it’s wise to compare your needs to their offerings and contact them for pricing, among many other related tasks. Working with a vendor matching service saves you from doing hours of research, which then allows you to allot greater time to those more productive tasks.

In addition, you can gain more superior results with a vendor matching service, compared to what an HR professional may have provided. Some HR vendor matching services are also free.

Is More Secure

HRIS vendor matching services can help you avoid sharing sensitive company information with untrustworthy sites and vendors that may share your information. Vendor matching sites only have one goal in mind – to help bring companies and vendors together and ensure the highest degree of satisfaction for both parties. The information you provide is used solely for that purpose and is shared with the smallest audience possible.

Generates a Partnership

When you partner with a HRIS vendor matching service, you gain access to a contact base of experts that can answer your questions, educate you on the latest industry innovations, and help you with any remaining concerns. Vendor matching services are vendor neutral, so you can feel comfortable knowing that the answers provided from the company are unbiased.

You can also rest assured that your company’s best interests are being looked out for, rather than just being “sold.” If you like the service that you receive, a vendor matching service can also be a valuable resource for future needs.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema