The New Year is a great time to act on all of those updates that you’ve been meaning to make when it comes to your company’s HR department. Starting out the year fresh can feel good for employers and employees, providing a little morale boost and rejuvenation. Reviewing where your company stands can also give you a strategic edge as the New Year inevitably ushers in new technologies, laws, and trends.

The following are a few New Year’s resolutions that you may wish to consider adding to your own HR to-do list.

Improve Employees’ Mobile HR Experience

Since all of your employees likely own a Smartphone, mobile HR is your best engagement avenue. If your employees can’t check their schedules, review their pay stubs, and communicate with one another using their Smartphone’s, you are missing the boat. Making sure that your employees can do at least these things using their phones and taking steps to more actively engage with them using mobile technology should be at the top of your list.

Make Goal Setting Easy, Realistic, and Measurable

Allowing employees to set their own goals and working with them to ensure that those goals fit with company needs and overall strategy can make employees feel empowered while improving productivity. Using HR software to communicate regarding goals and track progress can take the effort out of goal setting, leaving employees more energy to put towards actually fulfilling those commitments.

Square Up HR Policies and Company Literature

If you have been meaning to update your HR policies and company library, there is no time like the present. Keeping this information in your HRIS where it can be easily accessed by your employees can help everyone stay up to date with less hassle. Any time there is a small change, you can go in and make sure that everyone knows and has access to the most current information with just a few clicks.

Consider Offering New Training Options

Allowing employees to take charge of their own training and development can make employees feel valued while boosting their skills. HR software solutions often come with learning management systems or have the capacity to link in with learning management systems, allowing you to provide training videos, webinars, quizzes, and even certifications right through self service portals.

Invest in Your Recruitment Systems

In the current economy, there are more open jobs than skilled employees available to fill them. This makes great recruitment critical if you wish to attract and retain top talent. Taking the time now to invest in new applicant tracking system (ATS) software or update your current recruitment software, update your careers pages, and take a long look at recruitment trends can help you stay ahead of the game as we enter a new year with ever more fierce competition for top talent.

Be As Flexible as Possible

Employees’ expectations have changed in the past few years: they demand good work/life balance and will prioritize outside obligations at the expense of raises or titles. Being as flexible as your company structure will allow will help you to keep and attract great candidates that are balanced enough to realize the importance of down time. If your current policies are rigid, take a look at how you can change these to give your employees a little more breathing room.

Could new HR software help you improve your HR management in the coming year? If you believe it could, check out our vendor matching page so that we can assist you in selecting your best option.